Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scout's Canada wins $100,000 funding from Pepsi's Refresh Everything Project

The votes are in and Scout's Canada "Send more children and youth across Canada to Scout Summer Camps" pulled into first place after an 11th hour surge.

Thanks to everyone who voted on this!

Click here for the full list of finalists.

BTW The refresh project continues with more funding. Check it out there may be other worthy causes worth your vote.

New home for the 433rd!

Our old home of 40 years at St Luke’s United Church at 516 The Kingsway closed in June 2010. We’d like to thank the congregation who sponsored us through all those years.

Beginning in September 2010, the 433rd has relocated to Islington United Church (at 25 Burnhamthorpe Road just north of Dundas Street). IUC has graciously offered to sponsor our group continuing their 50 year commitment to Scouting. We were fortunate to find a congregation with such a strong commitment and excellent facilities that include two halls.

Thanks to everyone at Islington United Church!