Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Upcoming Events - All Sections - Spring 2008

Keep the following dates:

  • Baden Powell Banquet (February 20)
  • Church Parade (February 24)
  • Humber West Hobby Show (April 5)
  • Swim-up Camp at Wye Marsh (June 20-21-22)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Annual Humber West Hobby Show

The annual Hobby Show for The Alders, Humber West , and Old Mill will be on Saturday, April 5th from 1-3pm at St. Lukes United Church.

The Hobby Show is open to all sections. There are individual and group projects. Only one project can be entered per category - there are over 120! Youth compete within their section and age. There will be lots of awards.

Click on the links below were updated on March 21:
  1. Hobby show flyer.
  2. Letter to parents.
  3. Details on the classes (categories) and the Venturer competition.
  4. Details on the competition rules.
  5. Details of the classes and rules in one file (#3 and #4).
We will be receiving entries the evening before the show. (Time to be updated).

There is also this year the Venturer Digital Challenge.

Baden Powell Banquet

Our annual banquet honouring Baden Powell will be held on Wednesday, February 20th at St. Lukes United.

There will be food and prizes.

Before dinner the Beaver Buggy, Cub Kar, and Scout 18-wheeler races will be run.

See your section leaders for details.