Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Website Upgrade

With many thanks to Baloo, the 433rd's web site was upgraded last week. You probably won't notice a large difference at first because the upgrade was mostly under the covers as they say.

The original web site was hand crafted by one of our Beaver leaders (Hawkeye). While it was well done, it was a bit difficult to maintain and update. We made the decision to retire the old site after its' sterling service when we found a suitable replacement.

We needed a system that would allow more collaboration and easy maintenance. One of the primary goals was to put in place a system that could be distributed over several volunteers. The system we chose was Wordpress, a popular open source web publishing tool for web pages and blogs. Wordpress is ideal for small scale web publishing and being open source is free.

The initial change was to move the existing content to the new site, update some of the contact information, and make some of the information clearer and easier to find. More changes will come over the next while but the look and feel of the site should remain much the same.

A big thanks to Baloo!

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