Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weston Santa Claus Parade

On Sunday November 25th the 433rd (2007) will be participating in the Weston Santa Clause Parade. We will be the guests of the 1st Weston who are organizing the float.

This is an optional all sections event.

Here is a map to the parade.

Parade Times:
  • Arrive - before 1pm due to Road Closures for Parade
  • Meet at Float (Weston & Church, North of Lawrence) @ 1pm
  • Float enters parade @ 2pm
  • Parade ends (estimated) @ 3:30pm
  • Pizza and hot chocolate at/near Sidney Belsley Cres School (est. 3:30-4pm)
  • Pickup (est.) 4-4:30pm
Just a word, I just got caught in the road closure last year. Everything from Royal York/St. Phillips down past Sidney Belsey is closed. The only way in after that is to crawl through the traffic from near the Super Centre or from the Jane/Lawrence side.

Parents should be able to pickup their kids near the school as the roads open after the parade ends.

Please ensure that all participants are in uniform and dressed appropriately for the weather.

Participation counts towards one of the Scout Centennial Crest Wedges.


Anonymous said...

You need to be more clear on your dates as one website shows the 23rd of November and this website is showing the parade as being on the 25th of November.

Mang (433rd) said...

This article was for the 2007 parade. The 2008 parade information can be found at